Version 0.92b4

  • Added outline to half arrow heads.
  • Modified arrowhead sizes.
  • Added: Pressing the ALT key when using the chain plotting tool generates an unsaturated chain.
  • Fixed problem of not being able to modify bond spacing or chain angle values as desired.
  • Fixed: Symmetrical double bonds not plotted correctly if an atom label is present.
  • Line spacing between multi-line text now set to text size.

Version 0.92b3a:

  • Fixed chain plotting error.

Version 0.92b3:

  • Missing bond problem when using ring plotting tool fixed... Hopefully.
  • Rub-out boxes removed from behind all text objects.
  • Bonds now clipped to the bounding box of an atom label.
  • Wiggle bond width corrected to match that of the wedge bonds.
  • Thin end of triangular wedge is now the same thickness as the bond width.
  • Thick end of triangular wedge is now shaped to fit in with other bonds already present.
  • Increased spacing between super/subscripts and normal script.
  • Added a small display window to indicate the number of atoms in the current chain when using the chain tool.
  • Solid-Dash double bond is now clipped in the same way as a regular double bond.

Version 0.92b2:

  • Added scale view function. File-->Page Set up-->Scale View
  • When in colour modes with 32k or 16M colours, the selection tool now only highlights an object if the pointer is physically close to the object and not just when it's within it's bounding box.
  • Fixed bug in text plotting routine which resulted in automatic subscripts not appearing correctly for atom labels.
  • Visible snap when dragging an atom close to an existing atom.
  • Added thin outline to solid triangular bond.
  • Text input now restricted to 256 characters per input.
  • Toggle window size now works correctly.
  • Changing the line width of a selection now works correctly.
  • Adding a symbol to an atom with a double bond no longer leads to the modification of that double bond.
  • Adjust clicking to select a tool icon now results in the correct tool being highlighted.

Version 0.92b1:

  • Clicking on Info from the iconbar menu no longer brings up the program info window.
  • Various menu titles made style guide compliant.
  • Double bonds are now clipped to the other bonds already present at an atom.
  • Automatic plotting of the correct type of double bond. NB: Currently double bonds are not always updated after a move selection. Any double bonds that do not update correctly can be forced to update by selecting the double bond tool and then adjust clicking on the offending double bonds
  • Anti-aliased tool icons.
  • Open document windows now resized upon a mode change.
  • Bond plotting order for benzene and cyclopentadiene changed.

Version 0.91b3:

  • Saving a blank document as a drawfile now works correctly.
  • File type name reduced to less than 9 characters.
  • Atom labels now centered correctly.
  • Rub-out box around atom labels increased from 0.5pt to 1.5pt
  • Realigned arrows in the arrow palette window.
  • Full path rather than just the filename stored when a document is saved.
  • Pressing return while the caret is inside the save window now initiates a save.
  • Wiggle bond now uses the settings Wedge width and Wedge Spacing. (max 20 complete cycles)
  • Wedge and rectangle away bonds can now have up to 80 bars.
  • Chain plotting limited to 32 atoms.
  • Modified !Run to RMEnsure that the required Toolbox modules are present.

Version 0.91b:
Upgraded to be RISCOS 3.7 compatible.

Version 0.90b:
First public release.